Moorea, Tahiti. The sunburn I’ll never forget. This winter certainly made me consider moving here. Looking back at all my photos makes me want to move here completely. 

I miss Seattle quite a bit when I think about it. Each year feels longer and makes me want to go back sooner. These were shot at Whitby Island and Mount Ranier last year. 

Toronto west. Lansdowne ave. and Bloor St. W. Shot with an Olympus EP1 w/ 17mm f/2.8

The Algoma Quebecois. From the the Mariposa Tour boats in Toronto’s harbourfront. 

Sold out show at Kool Haus for Young the Giant. Vance Joy delivered a great opening.

One of the perks of this gig isn’t just meeting all kinds of different people, but meeting all kinds of talented people. The most recent talent to step foot in front my camera is Nigel Irwin. Equipped with his guitar and a love for music, Nigel proved to know his way around the guitar strings while having fun doing so. If you don’t believe me, listen to him play here

The shoot was short but definitely fun. Check out more from the shoot here on the main page. 

Recently did a photo walk with my friend Danny who’s been living in Toronto for over 10 years, and was able to get some good shots along with some good tips to a few good spots to shoot around the city. Check out his photo stream here. We also did an early morning shoot in the beginning of January but unfortunately those photos were less successful than this one. So bad, that it wasn’t even worth editing for me. Perhaps looking back at them a few years from now may change my views on them, but will probably only bring back memories of how I almost surrendered to Toronto’s harsh -30 weather that morning. Brutal.

This time wasn’t too bad though. The weather was more forgiving and I was able to get some good results throughout the day. The best results I got were from Toronto’s Harbour front. These shots were taken between 3pm and 4pm in the afternoon. More of them here.

Vans employees can get pretty silly and creative. They proved it when I shot their holiday group photo! Yes, that’s an igloo, and yes some of then are wearing holiday cowboy hats. Where’s the connection? I have no idea, but we had a great time shooting.

Just before the end of 2013, I was commissioned to do a photoshoot involving Swarovski crystals. It came from left field and gave me very little chance to plan out the shoot, but it ended up turning out better than we expected. From an estimated 2hr shoot, it expanded to a good 4hrs and left our two gorgeous models exhausted but happy (after some post-shoot giveaways from our client!) Check out a few more of the shoot here.

Another visit to NYC. Didn’t get the chance to lurk around too much in the city but still enjoyed the times spend with great company. Could’ve done without the long bus ride but at the end of the day, it was all worth it. Looking forward to my next visit.